Hello to all my Fabulous Ladies!!

I know there are a lot of Ladies out there who have never been to a Booty Parlor Party, so I am here to tell you a bit about what a Booty Parlor Party is all about!!

I know you have had Parties before, but you have never had a Party Like this before!!

We like to say that Booty Parlor is the Beauty Parlor for your Sexy Love Life! Now a Booty Parlor Party is a Sexy at home Shopping event held Exclusively for you and all your Fabulous Friends!

One of our Fabulous Sexy Lifestyle Advisors (me) will transform your living room into your Personal Booty Parlor Store!! You & your Friends will have a First hand look (maybe even taste!) at some of our Sexy Body Treats, browse through our Lingerie & Bedroom Accessories and Learn a bit more about our Designer Toys!! All in a Fun, Fabulous and Friendly environment!!  Sounds Awesome right!!

Well it gets even Better!! Being a Booty Parlor Hostess has its Perks!! You will be able to Earn Free Sexy Beauty Gifts, as well as 1/2 Priced Items and Free Shipping, just for throwing a Fabulous Party!! All you have to do is get your Friends together and some of their friends, serve some light refreshments and that’s it!! Leave the rest to Me!

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A Booty Parlor Party is a Sexy at home Shopping event for your Love Life!! As a Bootician You will transform your host’s Living room into their Personal Booty Parlor Store for her and her Friends to Browse through, Sample some of our Body Treats, Bedroom Accessories and of Course learn more about our Designer Toys, all in a Fun, Fabulous and Sexy Environment!

With Booty Parlor Parties you are your own boss, you make your own Hours and book your Parties around your Schedule. You can make as Little or Much as you want. With B.P. the Sky is the Limit Ladies, so Dream Big!! Start your Very own Fabulously Sexy Business with Booty Parlor Parties and get on the road to Your Financial Freedom.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

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I love this Video, Tyra is so Surprised about the Sexy Vibrating Panties!!

I can honestly say that they are awesome, the Perfect way to get turned on from across the room, and a hot way to spice thing up!!

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82.jpg Romantic treats, Lets spend the night together picture by giggles-pe

  • Are you Hosting a Bachelorette Party, Girls night or Bridal shower?, well here are some fun frisky ideas to try on Your, Girls Last Night Out!.
  • Using Booty Parlors most Discrete Toy, our Sexy Liptrick, the Vibrator that Looks like a Lipstick!!, the Bride to Be has to Buzz at Least 10 Boys on the Buns or by their Neck!! Its up to her to Decide where she want to Buzz those Naughty boys!!
  • Armed with Booty Parlor’s, Good girl Bad Girl whipper Tickler the Bride to be has to either Tickle or Spank at least 5 guys, but it’s up to her whether she wants to give them a Spanking or a Soft Sexy Tickle.
  • Then the Maid of Honor has to choose a guy from the Bar or Club and tie him to a chair using one of our All Tied Up Bonding Tapes in either Pink or Black. The Bride to be has to then perform a down and dirty, bump and grind lap dance for her “new customer”!!

Don’t forget to give your Friend some Sexy Accessories for her Honeymoon. With the Don’t stop Massage Oil and our Sexy Vibrating Panties she will not want to leave the room the her entire Honeymoon.!!!

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Calling out all Hot Mama’s ~ Divas and the men who Love them!! Pamper that special woman in your life with some of B P’s Sexy Beauty Products & or Accessories + So much more!! Every Woman Deserves to Look as Hot as she will feel on her Special Day no, make it Month!!

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