Hello Everyone!!

On my way to Nichole’s Fabulous “Kiss & Tell” girls Night!! I am super excited and Ready to Party! I have almost reached my sales for the month!! Yay!!  I want my bonus,  So I have to Bust my “Booty” Literally!! LOL He he!! I know  It’s a Sunday so I plan on everything to be Relaxing and fun.

Well gotta Go, If not I will run Late!!

See ya Later!! til then be Happy be Sexy!!




…….I had a fun and Fabulous time at Nicholes Party, she had 12 friends come and do some Sexy shopping!!! & I made my sales for this Month so I get my bonus!! Woo hoo! I love my Job!! XOXO

I can’t wait to see how July and August will be. I know our new Fall line will be a Hit Regardless. I have to get me our New Bath Kitten.  (i luv tht name, bath kitten) LOL too cute!

Be Happy, Be Sexy!

XOXO Blanca

The Kitten is out!!..

I mean the secret is out!! Booty Parlors  Secret Fall line no Longer a Secret!  Featured in  this month’s  RedBook Beauty Checklist is our HOT New  Bath Kitten!

Turn a boring bath into a Hot Steamy Tub for Two with, Booty Parlor’s New Bath Kitten; Purring Massage Mitt and Bath Milk. The terrycloth mitt vibrates while you cleanse with the aphrodisiac inspired Naughty Bubbles Bath Milk. Spice things up, & get Frisky in the Tub!

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Coming Fall 09' Booty Parlor's Bath Kitten

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Be Happy, Be Sexy!!

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Blanca Allen
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Yup Yup you hear Right! & Its O.K. that you just Giggled a little. LOL

Tucked inside our Luxurious Lace and Satin side-Tie Bikini is a 10-Function “Bullet” that is controlled by a wireless remote that works from up to 20 Feet away. **The Bullet has 10 different Functions each with a different Rhythm, from pulsing, surging, escalating to a combination of All. This Fun Toy has the Only Remote you will not want to put Down!!

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founder dana  myers ran into tyra banks in nyc, who mentioned how much she ♥ our turn me on vibrating pantie

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Be Happy, Be Sexy!

Blanca AKA "Booty Party Babe"

Blanca Allen


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