’tis the Season to Fall in Love with Booty Parlor!

September 2, 2009

I love this time of the year, the seasons are changing and leaves start to Fall, we start to bundle up and everyone wants to Cuddle at night when it’s chilly, so what a better time to fall in love? Fall in Love with Booty Parlor, that is.

Fall in love with your new sexy job, fall in love with our mission: to help women look and feel Sexy, fall in love with the Gifts, and Trips that you will earn, fall in love with all the friends you will be making and all the women who’s lives you will change for the better. And of course, fall in love with what motivates most, the Money!

As a Sexy Lifestyle Advisor, you will make money from several different ways. 1. Your Parties 2. Your Personal E-Commerce website 3. Helping Women start their Business.

1. Your Parties, that is where you will make most of your money! There you will show the ladies a good time, give them fun tips and advice. They sample all the products, while you tell them how they can create their own sexy experiences with their partners.

2. Your Personal E-Commerce Website. From there people Nationwide can shop through you for their Booty Parlor Products.  You don’t get charged for the hosting or earn a lower commission. You keep all your commission and make money while sitting at home.

3. Helping other women grow their Business. I am sure after your friend sees how much fun and how much money you will be making that they will want to join. What about your neighbor, the one always looking cute and loves to shop? I am sure she would love to save for what she shops and earn extra to shop some more!

You will meet Ladies everywhere who will want to know more about you and what you do. And when you help them become Sexy Lifestyle Advisors, Booty Parlor will reward you with a special Thank You Bonus! …. now tell me what job you have had rewards you when you sell more for them or send them some extra help?

Since it is the Season to Fall in Love with Booty Parlor, here is our Fab September Special! Start your sexy business for our intro price of $150, with that you will receive a $100 voucher for Free Booty Parlor products! Shop for yourself or add to your Business Kit, its all up to you!

Fall in Love with Booty Parlor!

Receive $100 in Free BP Products when you join by Sept 30th!

Are you are ready to Help Women look and feel Sexier than ever, and also get pair for it, then sign up today by visiting my website.

Shop Online 24/7, Join my Team, or Book Your party at :


Be Happy, Be Sexy!

Blanca AKA "Booty Party Babe"

Blanca Allen


Sexy Lifestyle Advisor


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