Intoducing the Sexy Vixens by Booty Parlor!

September 18, 2009

Yay! I am so Excited to introduce to the World my Booty Parlor team name! The Sexy Vixens! I believe this name is awesome, not only for my team, but also because every woman has a Sexy vixen inside, just waiting to escape! I are here to Help any and every woman who wants to be a Sexy Vixen to do so! We all deserve to have a Happy, Healthy and Exciting Sex Life!

I am here to Help all ladies Look and Feel Sexy and Confident in and out of the Bedroom! To Help them have the Sexiest and most exciting Love Experiences possible!

… so as Your Sexy Lifestyle Advisor, let me say! If you have any questions, want help finding a gift for that special someone or would just like some tips to Spice things up! Please contact me on my Cell at 281.827.5755! I look forward to being your Sexy Lifestyle Advisor!

Don’t Forget you can Alwasy Shop Online discreetky 24/7 at

Become a Sexy Vixen and Help other Womnen find their Sexy Vixen within, while making money throwing the Hottest Parties in Town!

Book a Party, Become a Sexy Vixen or Learn more at:

Booty Parlor Parties


Be Happy, Be Sexy!

Blanca AKA "Booty Party Babe"

Blanca Allen


Sexy Lifestyle Advisor


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