Hello Ladies,

My Name is Blanca &  I am a Sexy Lifestyle Advisor ~ Bootician with Booty Parlor Parties. I love My Job, with Booty Parlor because  it gives me the opportunity to meet & help Women Look and Feel Sexier than ever! We Love Promoting a Sexy Self Confidence in all the Ladies we Meet.

With an award winning collection of Romantic Treats, Seductive Beauty, Bedroom Accessories, Frisky Lingerie and Toys, Booty Parlor has everything to make Women feel sexy.

The Booty Parlor Party experience is Fun, Fabulous, and never intimidating.  Never before have products for the boudoir blended so well with the rest of a woman’s fabulous wardrobe. Booty Parlor’s products aren’t just about looking sexy – they’re about feeling sexy and confident, in and out of the bedroom.

As a Hostess you will not only have the Satisfaction of Inviting all your Friends to the Hottest Party in Town, you will also be able to earn Free and 1/2 Priced Booty Parlor Products! Free Always sounds good to Me!!

As a Bootician ~ Sexy Lifestyle Advisor I make a Fantastic commission throwing the Hottest Parties in Town. Booty Parlor is Changing the Lives of Women Nationwide from the Bedroom to the Bank. Let Booty Parlor  Help Supplement your Family Income. Part Time or Full time, Its up to you, With Booty Parlor you are your own Boss, you make your hours, and you get all the Rewards!!

Join my Team Today, You could be one of the First in your Area!


Be Happy, Be Sexy!Blanca AKA "Booty Party Babe"

Blanca Allen

Senior Bootician



Booty Parlor Parties


2 Responses to “About Me! XOXO”

  1. rufus Says:

    with the turn me on vibrating panties, is that 10 speeds of the bullet or 10 different movements?


    • Well Rufus,
      That is a good Question. The Bullet has 10 different Speeds with different movement combination.
      The Functions will go from Pulsing, Surging, Escalating to a Combination of All.
      It is a very Sexy piece of Lingerie that will be sure to Turn you On!

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