Women tend to be inundated with traditional messages on what sexiness is, mired in societal decrees that may or may not equal the image we see in the mirror, and often focused on the exterior translation.

But what about the interior? Lucky for us, Dana B. Myers is on a one-woman mission to help women reclaim their own inner sexy spark.

As the co-founder of Booty Parlor, the beauty parlor for your bedroom, Myers has created a sexy revolution intent on teaching women how to embrace a sexy lifestyle both from the inside out, and the outside in.

And it’s not just a line of awesomely fun body treats, cute and sexy lingerie, and even a toy or two. It’s also a breeding ground for female entrepreneurs looking to launch their own sexy lifestyle business by becoming a Booty Parlor Bootician, and in a way, it’s even a therapy session of sorts.

Both Booticians and Myers practice Mojo Makeovers on customers from all walks of life, helping them to get to the bottom of why their sex life isn’t the way they want it to be, and teaching them how to make it so by focusing on the most important part – the client themselves.

How does she do it? Let Myers tell you herself.

Tell me how Booty Parlor came about.
Well, basically the long and short of it is my background was in the music business in marketing and celebrity endorsements, but I was always the girl giving friends sex advice and helping them to buy bedroom accessories. I don’t know how I got into that role, but I was always the go to girl for that. I was in Los Angeles in a great job, but I wasn’t really satisfied in the corporate workforce anymore. I’m a natural born entrepreneur and launched some businesses as a kid.

One night I was hanging out with girlfriends, and I had said, “Oh, like a booty parlor!” I had meant to say “beauty parlor,” but it struck me as kind of catchy… and the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was like a beauty parlor for your sex life. I started doing some investigating and thinking about my own past experiences of buying sexy items, and how seedy and tacky the stores were – how unfortunate the shopping experience was. I felt like it was kind of a road block to getting my friends to really understand themselves sexually and have fun. There aren’t many brands on the market women could feel loyal to and feel passionate about. So I started thinking Booty Parlor would be a great sexy lifestyle brand.

I told my new boyfriend, now my husband, who I had met on Match.com. He is a very bright business man, so I explained my idea of Booty Parlor as a sexy lifestyle brand with products that make a woman feel sexy, delivered to her in a way that is other side of spectrum from the triple-x experience. I wanted them to feel like they were buying shoes or cosmetics. He said he’d had the same idea, so it was a real eureka moment for us. We were driving home from a trip to San Francisco at the time, so by the time I got back to L.A., we’d decided to start a business.

How did it evolve over the years?
We spent 12 months developing the brand and launched in June 2005 with a message to become a premiere beauty and sexy lifestyle brand. Everything we do works toward boosting sexy self confidence, and creating sexy experiences inside and outside the bedroom. A couple week after our launch, we were scouted by Victoria’s Secret, and they became our first major retail partnership. For a baby brand, that really gave us heads up that we were on to something big. Our packaging and marketing was really speaking to the mainstream, which is exactly what we wanted to do – we really wanted to legitimize this category and bring it into a woman’s life in a beautiful, fun, feminine way.

Once we were working with Victoria’s Secret, we were off and running, working with different hotel partners like the Hard Rock Las Vegas, the Mondrian, Wynn, the Ivy in San Diego, the Liberty in Boston, doing things like offering our intimacy love kits in the mini bar, but also developing programs for romance menus and packages for the hotels. The press started to catch on, and we landed some great celebrity fans like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brooke Shields, Tori Spelling, Jessica Biel, who helped us build that vision of mainstream sexy lifestyle success.

Can you share how the Mojo Makeovers came about?
I was doing parties for my girlfriends, where I would invite them to my home and we’d have cocktails, and I would lead them in conversations to get them expressing themselves about sex, their sex lives and confidence levels. With the right products and advice, I started to see the power of how we could positively impact a woman’s life. So the concept of the Mojo Makeover was created really organically out of speaking with real women to find out what was going on in their lives and then making sexy lifestyle suggestions, and products to be armed with to improve their sex lives, whether singled or coupled. And I feel that’s really important to touch upon, that it all starts with the woman, and it starts with her feeling good about herself in a sexy way. From there it can filter into a relationship.

And now you have the party business.
Right. When we started Booty Parlor parties, we wanted to bring our message to the masses and extend the opportunity to other women who wanted to be entrepreneurs. The parties launched in 2007, and now we have 600 sexy lifestyle advisors nationwide. They throw sexy shopping parties in women’s homes and sell products, do Mojo Makeovers.

What we say now is that we’re positively impacting women’s lives not only in the bedroom, but also in their bank account. Now we’re also in the business of putting other women in business, supporting and helping them grow. So now it’s this whole other layer. The satisfaction that Charlie – my husband – and I feel in empowering other women financially is really cool for us, and our goal is to keep expanding the party business.

We now have what we call “the sexy revolution,” based on Booty Parlor’s belief that confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. We’re not a political brand, but we do have a movement we’re creating and women are really getting behind it. We want women to integrate feeling sexy and confident into the rest of their lives. Women focus on fitness, nutrition, work and family, and sexiness is left on backburner. So we’re saying a new time is here, and that it’s time to redefine yourself as a sexy, confident women and not be ashamed, learn how to cultivate a sexy lifestyle, and reach their fullest potential as a woman.

What do you find are some of the challenges women face when you’re doing a Mojo Makeover?
I definitely see a couple things. For one, either they haven’t had girlfriend in their lives that gives them knowledge they need, or encourage them, or pull out of their shell and let them know that sexuality is a great part of their lives to explore, or they have no initiative to pull out books at the library in their developmental years. It’s like they’re unaware that this whole other world exists for them within them, and they can use products, knowledge, and experience to discuss it with other women to help them develop it.

Another is that sometimes they feel that their partner may have some interest in it, but they may feel their partner isn’t open to exploring this kind of world. What we teach through parties – which are educational but cloaked in fun and fabulousness – is tips and tricks on how to communicate and navigate the waters to getting their partner in the same boat they’re in.

And then there’s our busy mommies… and they’re busy! They’ve got kids, a husband, jobs as well, and sometimes through pregnancies they develop body issues. Mothers are selfless, giving their bodies over to their children, with takes them away from feeling sexual. When breasts are considered nourishment rather than sexual, it does a number on them. Unless they’re being reminded to cultivate themselves as sexual beings, sex can go to backburner. So we work with a lot of moms to reignite inner vixen, and teach them how to carve out even five minutes a day to have some sexy lifestyle rituals – be it a seductive beauty ritual with lip gloss, where you put some on and say, “Wow you look good today,” right up to getting a toy and having an orgasm a couple times a week.

The key is to spark it up by paying attention to ourselves. Often when women lose interest in sex, it’s because they’ve forgotten to have it with themselves. If you’re having orgasms on your own, the spark will be lit up to have them with your partner.

Tell us about some of your personal favorite products.

My personal favorites right now on the beauty side is the Kissaholic Kissing Kit, which has aphrodisiac-infused plumping lip gloss, and breath mist in a sexy, spicy cinnamon flavor. The gloss is lush and feels sexy on the mouth, the flavors are inspired by aphrodisiac ingredients, the plumping effect is wonderful, and when you wear the blend of six different aphrodisiacs, you do feel yourself lighting up inside. It’s all about little reminders and little steps every day to get your brain thinking about sexiness, and get yourself feeling sexy.

We just launched 29 new products in our new catalog, and one of the new ones is a new panty called Pin-up, which is a ruffled boy short that has that vintagey, burlesque attitude. When you put it on, you can’t help but feel flirtier and friskier, and it has a great cut that gets your bum looking pert, sexy and cute.

In regard to toys, The Champ is a great toy that has a pitter patter motion, which is different from the heavy buzz most toys have. It’s a great classic toy. We also just released a new toy that’s gorgeous to look at called Showgirl, which is a pink glass wand designed exclusively for us. What’s great with glass is you can submerse it in warm water or cold, and it adds a layer of sensory experience to your session with it.

What’s your ultimate goal with the company?
You know, I personally am the type of entrepreneur who likes to celebrate little successes along the way, but the big goals are to have 2000 sexy lifestyle advisors in our fields by the end of 2010, and then to really experience exponential growth based on that. We want to keep working with our great partners – we just started working with Torrid – who can think outside the box and recognize this is a category women are hungry for. And there are some media projects we’re working on, too.

I’d like to see Booty Parlor become a household brand synonymous with a sexy lifestyle for women, and ultimately I want to keep impacting women’s lives on a daily basis. What makes my day is direct testimonials from our Bootician advisors and customers who tell us we’re changing lives. And it’s not smoke and mirrors – I see it in their faces when they tell me what we’re doing is doing so much for them. As long as we keep doing these things, I see it as a big success.

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*interview from DigitalCity.com

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