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Add a Little Spice into your Love Making Sessions with some Naughty Bedroom Accessories!!

If things happened to get a little Boring, and the Flame is Burning Low?

add some Spark to Your Relationship with some Frisky Bedroom Accessories.

Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love!

Ladies who Love to Dance, Let loose and Do a Sexy Dance for Your Partner with the Va Va Voom Feather Boa! Once You have Their Attention Tie them up with Your Be Mine Hook Up Cuffs and Blindfold him with our All Tied Up Bonding Tape to really Heighten his Senses.

Then you can give him a Nice Sensual Tickle around his neck while moving a bit Lower and Lower until you are caressing his Thighs with the Soft Marabou Feather!… If he has been a Bad Bad Boy,  you can give him a Naughty Spanking with the Rubber Whipper Strands. But weather he has been Naughty or Nice, The Good girl Bad Girl Whipper Tickler will be sure to Please!


Seduce Your Lover Tonight!

Sometimes All it takes is a little Spark, so Set the scene for Seduction with our Light My Fire Candle, then Sweeten Your Lips and Kisses with your I’m So Sexy lip Gloss in Peppermint Pink. Give Your Partner a Sexy Seductive Massage with your Don’t Stop Massage Oil, and when You are all Hot and bothered add a Little Magic with our Add Magic Lubricant.  Booty Parlor’s Seduction Love Kit is the Perfect gift to set the Mood for any occasion.


Create a Fantasy Night!

Bring the Sexy Candle Wax Fantasy to Life with our Don’t Stop Massage Candle, First Light the Wick and allow the Aroma and Aphrodisiac Fragrances to Arouse the Senses.

Take a Bit of time to Relax, Draw a Bath for Two with our Sexy Bath Kitten. Have a bit  of Naughty fun in the Tub with the Vibrating Mitten and Naughty bubbles Bath Milk!… Meow!

After you are done with your Sexy Bath for Two, Blow out the candle and Playfully Drizzle the Warn Wax on Your Special someone, Give them a Sensual Massage and Let yourself to be taken by the Special Moment!


Ready to Taste or be Tasted?!

Add a bit of Flavor to Your Partners Sexiest Parts with our New Skin Honey!.. Skin Honey is  a Delicious Kissable 3 in 1 Body Topping, Massage Gel and Personal Lubricant, Infused with an Exotic blend of Aphrodisiac ingredients that will Nourish Your Skin and Light Up Your Libido! Drizzle this Mouth Watering, Non sticky Love Potion anywhere you want to Kiss or be Kissed!


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