Girls Night Out with Booty Parlor’s Sexy Lifestyle Advisor

Blanca Allen

A Special private event presenting the New Fall Collection from Booty Parlor Parties.

Thurs October 29,2009

Doors Open at 7PM ~  Sexy Presentation at 8PM SHARP!


Club Royal

5806 Star Ln

Houston Tx. 77057 

Sample some sexy body TREATS and learn some new TRICKS to spice things up with your partner!

Booty Parlor’s products are made to help Boost your Sexy Self Confidence, arrouse the sences and create the sexiest experiences ever!

I will have Several Sensual Give a Ways, and plenty of ways to WIN!

Come ON TIME and Bring a Friend for some Extra Chances to Win Booty Parlor Products!

 For EVERY guest you bring you will have an extra drawing entry.

Plus One for just coming to have FUN!


RSVP Before the 28th and get another drawing prize entry!

RSVP by texting me at 281.827.5755

To RSVP TEXT your Name, Email and number of guests!



If you can’t make it to this Party, I would Love to have a Special Girls Night for you and your Friends!  Contact me to Book it Today!

As the Hostess you Earn FREE and 1/2 Priced Booty Parlor Products!

Shop Online for this Party by Using Party # 6129 before Check Out!

Can’t Wait to see you there Ladies!

Please fell free to CAll me for any questions you have!

Be Happy, Be Sexy, Be You!


Blanca Allen

Sexy Lifestyle Advisor




Join Booty Parlor’s Sexy Revolution and part of the company who is Boosting the Sexy self confidence of women Nationwide. The Sexy Revolution is for every woman, its about finding the iner Vixen that is inside every one of us. Its about looking, feeling and being confident and creating the sexiest experiences with yourself or your partner!
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Be Happy, Be Sexy, Be You!

Blanca Allen


Sexy Lifestyle Advisor

Tonight is the Night! and I can’t Wait!! lol..

.Tonight is H-Towns 1st ever Sexy Social! Being Sponsored by Booty Parlor of course. I will also be meeting Founder and celebrity sexy lifestyle expert Dana B. Myers for the very 1st time! That is what I am really excited about! I know it is going to be a Fabulous Girls night at the House of Blues! I will be sure to take lots of pictures and Post them all on here! OK so Keep Posted!!

Interested in learning a bit more about Booty Parlor? or Want to Become a Sexy Lifestyle Advisor? or Maybe Book a Fabulous Girls Night? Visit my Website, or Call me Directly at 281.827.5755


Hello Everyone, It is Now 10 PM and I just got Back in from the Sexy Social! Or shall I say “Sexy Revolution” as Dana Called it! .. by the way She is Amazing, Fabulous Nice and very Motivating! It was very Refreshing to Meet her for the 1st time! I can’t wait to see her again at the Fall Fling in Dallas Next Month! Woo Hoo …. Mini Vacation! lol! XoXo

…and now, back to the Sexy Social.. what can I say?  …I loved it, and I know all he Ladies who Joined us did as well. We Celebrated with all of the  fabulous new Sexy Lifestyle Advisors! … I shall Congratulate Lisa Garcia for joining my Booty Parlor Team and Starting her Very Sexy Business!!

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Be Happy, Be Sexy!!

XOXOBlanca AKA "Booty Party Babe"

Blanca Allen


Sexy Lifestyle Advisor

Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy BBIIRRTHDDAY Tooo Meee!!
XOXO! I turn a Sexy 25 Today Woo Hoo! Celebrate with ME by Booking a Party for yourself!

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<a href=

Thanks to All for the Warm Birthday Wishes, I am having a Super Fabulous Day! … ,I was woken up with some Flowers, a Super Cute Pink Shirt from my Sister and Lots of Balloons as well! Then My Lil brother and Sister Took me out to a Birthday Lunch! & Now Fixing to Go Out with My Loving Husband! Dinner and of Course I have to go See “The Ugly Truth”! I have seen the Vibrating Panties Scene a Million times but Nothing beats the big Screen!


Be Happy, Be Sexy!


OK, So I saw “The Ugly Truth” and It is even funnier than I thought! The Vibrating Panties Scene is actually Longer in the Movie than on the video I have, so You have to Go see the full version!  And of Course, get Your Very Own Pair of Vibrating Panties! Spice Things Up and Get Turned on From Across the Room! Wear them out on a Hot Date night with your Partner and get Ready to Lose Control!.. .Oh Yeah! ..Ladies if You Book a Party with me you Could get them For Less, 1/2 off or Maybe even Free! Contact me for More Info!

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Now Since I just came From Watching the Movie I think its only Fair that You get to at least see the Vibrating Panties Scene,

So Here it is! Now sit back and Enjoy! LOL


Be Happy, Be Sexy!

Blanca AKA "Booty Party Babe"

Blanca Allen

Sexy Lifestyle Advisor

Booty Parlor, Where Sexy meets Fabulous!
I’m having my “Birthday Sexy” Party Friday July the 31st at 7:30PM
Come Celebrate my Birthday in a Fun &  Sexy way!
Every guest will get a Sample of our Flirty Little Secret Body Butter!
Come for the Fun and stay for the Giggles and Prizes!!
Message or Call me for Directions or more info!! 281.827.5755

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Be Happy, Be Sexy!

Blanca AKA "Booty Party Babe"
Blanca Allen

Booty Parlor Parties

Ladies Nationwide,

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Enjoy and Let Me know what you think!!

XOXO Blanca

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Booty Parlor Parties

Hello Everyone!!

On my way to Nichole’s Fabulous “Kiss & Tell” girls Night!! I am super excited and Ready to Party! I have almost reached my sales for the month!! Yay!!  I want my bonus,  So I have to Bust my “Booty” Literally!! LOL He he!! I know  It’s a Sunday so I plan on everything to be Relaxing and fun.

Well gotta Go, If not I will run Late!!

See ya Later!! til then be Happy be Sexy!!



…….I had a fun and Fabulous time at Nicholes Party, she had 12 friends come and do some Sexy shopping!!! & I made my sales for this Month so I get my bonus!! Woo hoo! I love my Job!! XOXO

I can’t wait to see how July and August will be. I know our new Fall line will be a Hit Regardless. I have to get me our New Bath Kitten.  (i luv tht name, bath kitten) LOL too cute!

Be Happy, Be Sexy!

XOXO Blanca