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Girls Night Out with Booty Parlor’s Sexy Lifestyle Advisor

Blanca Allen

A Special private event presenting the New Fall Collection from Booty Parlor Parties.

Thurs October 29,2009

Doors Open at 7PM ~  Sexy Presentation at 8PM SHARP!


Club Royal

5806 Star Ln

Houston Tx. 77057 

Sample some sexy body TREATS and learn some new TRICKS to spice things up with your partner!

Booty Parlor’s products are made to help Boost your Sexy Self Confidence, arrouse the sences and create the sexiest experiences ever!

I will have Several Sensual Give a Ways, and plenty of ways to WIN!

Come ON TIME and Bring a Friend for some Extra Chances to Win Booty Parlor Products!

 For EVERY guest you bring you will have an extra drawing entry.

Plus One for just coming to have FUN!


RSVP Before the 28th and get another drawing prize entry!

RSVP by texting me at 281.827.5755

To RSVP TEXT your Name, Email and number of guests!



If you can’t make it to this Party, I would Love to have a Special Girls Night for you and your Friends!  Contact me to Book it Today!

As the Hostess you Earn FREE and 1/2 Priced Booty Parlor Products!

Shop Online for this Party by Using Party # 6129 before Check Out!

Can’t Wait to see you there Ladies!

Please fell free to CAll me for any questions you have!

Be Happy, Be Sexy, Be You!


Blanca Allen

Sexy Lifestyle Advisor




I love this time of the year, the seasons are changing and leaves start to Fall, we start to bundle up and everyone wants to Cuddle at night when it’s chilly, so what a better time to fall in love? Fall in Love with Booty Parlor, that is.

Fall in love with your new sexy job, fall in love with our mission: to help women look and feel Sexy, fall in love with the Gifts, and Trips that you will earn, fall in love with all the friends you will be making and all the women who’s lives you will change for the better. And of course, fall in love with what motivates most, the Money!

As a Sexy Lifestyle Advisor, you will make money from several different ways. 1. Your Parties 2. Your Personal E-Commerce website 3. Helping Women start their Business.

1. Your Parties, that is where you will make most of your money! There you will show the ladies a good time, give them fun tips and advice. They sample all the products, while you tell them how they can create their own sexy experiences with their partners.

2. Your Personal E-Commerce Website. From there people Nationwide can shop through you for their Booty Parlor Products.  You don’t get charged for the hosting or earn a lower commission. You keep all your commission and make money while sitting at home.

3. Helping other women grow their Business. I am sure after your friend sees how much fun and how much money you will be making that they will want to join. What about your neighbor, the one always looking cute and loves to shop? I am sure she would love to save for what she shops and earn extra to shop some more!

You will meet Ladies everywhere who will want to know more about you and what you do. And when you help them become Sexy Lifestyle Advisors, Booty Parlor will reward you with a special Thank You Bonus! …. now tell me what job you have had rewards you when you sell more for them or send them some extra help?

Since it is the Season to Fall in Love with Booty Parlor, here is our Fab September Special! Start your sexy business for our intro price of $150, with that you will receive a $100 voucher for Free Booty Parlor products! Shop for yourself or add to your Business Kit, its all up to you!

Fall in Love with Booty Parlor!

Receive $100 in Free BP Products when you join by Sept 30th!

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Be Happy, Be Sexy!

Blanca AKA "Booty Party Babe"

Blanca Allen


Sexy Lifestyle Advisor

Booty Parlor Parties by Blanca

Ladies are you Ready to throw the Hottest, Sexiest Party in Town? Book Your Booty Parlor Party!

When it comes to Shopping for your Sex Life no one does Sexy and Fabulous quite like Booty Parlor and their amazing line of products.
With an Award Winning Collection of Seductive Beauty Products, Frisky Bedroom Accessories & Flirtatious Lingerie, Booty Parlor has Everything Designed to Help Women Look and Feel Sexy & Confident in and our of the Bedroom!

Our Mission: To Help Women Look, Feel and Be  Sexy Confident Divas!

So what are you waiting for? Book your Hollywood Style Girls Night Today!

As the Hostess you will get a FREE Gift from me, Just for having a Party. Plus earn Free and 1/2 Priced items for yourself!! All you need to do is get your friends together and some of their friends, serve some light refreshments and leave the rest to me!

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Girls Night In(Out) with Booty Parlor

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Be Happy, Be Sexy!

Blanca AKA "Booty Party Babe"

Blanca Allen


Sexy Lifestyle Advisor!

Booty Parlor has done it again! Another one of our Fabulous products was Featured in Redbook!

The Bath Kitten is the perfect bath time escape for Two! Create a Sexy Spa night with your Partner and pamper each other. Use the Vibrating Mitten to give a Sexy Massage that will have her Purring in No time!

Get Yours Today! Shop Online Discreetly through my website!

Booty Parlor Parties

Bath Kitten_eBlast2Booticians.jpg

Ready to Become a Sexy Lifestyle Advisor?

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Booty Parlor Parties


Be Happy, Be Sexy!

Blanca AKA "Booty Party Babe"

Blanca Allen


Sexy Lifestyle Advisor!

Seductive Beauty Products

Add a Little Spice into your Love Making Sessions with some Naughty Bedroom Accessories!!

If things happened to get a little Boring, and the Flame is Burning Low?

add some Spark to Your Relationship with some Frisky Bedroom Accessories.

Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love!

Ladies who Love to Dance, Let loose and Do a Sexy Dance for Your Partner with the Va Va Voom Feather Boa! Once You have Their Attention Tie them up with Your Be Mine Hook Up Cuffs and Blindfold him with our All Tied Up Bonding Tape to really Heighten his Senses.

Then you can give him a Nice Sensual Tickle around his neck while moving a bit Lower and Lower until you are caressing his Thighs with the Soft Marabou Feather!… If he has been a Bad Bad Boy,  you can give him a Naughty Spanking with the Rubber Whipper Strands. But weather he has been Naughty or Nice, The Good girl Bad Girl Whipper Tickler will be sure to Please!


Seduce Your Lover Tonight!

Sometimes All it takes is a little Spark, so Set the scene for Seduction with our Light My Fire Candle, then Sweeten Your Lips and Kisses with your I’m So Sexy lip Gloss in Peppermint Pink. Give Your Partner a Sexy Seductive Massage with your Don’t Stop Massage Oil, and when You are all Hot and bothered add a Little Magic with our Add Magic Lubricant.  Booty Parlor’s Seduction Love Kit is the Perfect gift to set the Mood for any occasion.


Create a Fantasy Night!

Bring the Sexy Candle Wax Fantasy to Life with our Don’t Stop Massage Candle, First Light the Wick and allow the Aroma and Aphrodisiac Fragrances to Arouse the Senses.

Take a Bit of time to Relax, Draw a Bath for Two with our Sexy Bath Kitten. Have a bit  of Naughty fun in the Tub with the Vibrating Mitten and Naughty bubbles Bath Milk!… Meow!

After you are done with your Sexy Bath for Two, Blow out the candle and Playfully Drizzle the Warn Wax on Your Special someone, Give them a Sensual Massage and Let yourself to be taken by the Special Moment!


Ready to Taste or be Tasted?!

Add a bit of Flavor to Your Partners Sexiest Parts with our New Skin Honey!.. Skin Honey is  a Delicious Kissable 3 in 1 Body Topping, Massage Gel and Personal Lubricant, Infused with an Exotic blend of Aphrodisiac ingredients that will Nourish Your Skin and Light Up Your Libido! Drizzle this Mouth Watering, Non sticky Love Potion anywhere you want to Kiss or be Kissed!


I hope you Enjoy my Sexy Love Tips! Feel Free to do All Your Sexy Shopping by visiting my Website!

Booty Parlor Parties


If you Would like a Personal One on One Consultation Contact me Today!


Be Happy, Be Sexy! Blanca AKA "Booty Party Babe"

Blanca Allen

Sexy Lifestyle Advisor

Get Ready to Travel in Style with Booty Parlor’s Sexy Travel Essentials Free for a limited time only!

This Fabulous Gift can be yours *FREE when you host a Party in August! Valued at $85

Contact me to get the Ultimate Girls Night Experience with Booty Parlor & Earn some Free Sexy Beauty Products!

Don’t Live by Me? Don’t Worry we have Fabulous Booticians Nationwide or Host a Online/Catalog Party with all your Friends Nationwide, no matter where they live!!

Contact me for more details.

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Booty Parlor Parties

Get Ready to Travel in Style!

Booty Parlor’s Sexy New Bath Kitten is Now Available!! Shop Online Discreetly 24/7 by visiting my website.

July Bonus! Every order of $25 or more will get a Free Vibrating Couples Ring!

Booty Parlor Parties

Bath Kitten

Bath Kitten

Bath Kitten, The Ultimate Bath Time Escape Kit includes:

Naughty Bubbles Bath Milk, 5oz:
You’ll melt into this luscious and decadent bath milk… The rich and exotic blend of white chocolate & honey notes creates an aphrodisiac inspired aroma to excite and seduce the senses. The formula is mild and soothing, while rich conditioners nourish the skin, leaving it soft, silky and irresistible to the touch.

Formula includes:
• kukui nut oil – A pure oil from the Hawaiian islands.
• macadamia nut oil – This protective, regenerative oil is rich in essential fatty acids.
• silk & milk proteins – Rich in nourishing vitamins and amino acids.
• vitamin e – This free radical-fighting antioxidant protects and heals skin to keep
it as soft and youthful as possible.

Purring massage mitt:

Turn your bedtime bath into a luxurious spa experience with the Purring Massage Mitt. The deliciously soft white terry cloth mitt, with sleek black piping and a black satin handle, gently caresses every curve. Turn on the mitt to experience
a soft, steady purring sensation that will help soothe away the day’s stresses and inspire true relaxation.*

Visit my Website &  Shop Online Discreetly 24/7

Booty Parlor Parties

Skin Honey

Skin Honey

Skin Honey is a delicious, kissable three-in-one body topping, massage gel and personal lubricant. Infused with an exotic blend of aphrodisiac ingredients, this edible elixir will nourish your skin and light up your libido.

Ready to taste or be tasted?
Drizzle this mouth-watering, non-sticky love potion anywhere you want to kiss or be kissed.

What makes Skin Honey so irresistible?
• kissable, water-based – formula is silky-smooth and safe for intimacy.
• honey extract – helps maintain skin hydration to keep your body oh-so-soft.
• goji berry – is a high-powered antioxidant for a healthy body boost.
• ginseng – energizes the mind and stimulates sensual desire.

Skin Honey debuts in three delectable flavors:
• vanilla honey chai
• chocolate honey
• pomegranate honey

Shop Online discreetly by visiting my website.

Booty Parlor Parties

The Kitten is out!!..

I mean the secret is out!! Booty Parlors  Secret Fall line no Longer a Secret!  Featured in  this month’s  RedBook Beauty Checklist is our HOT New  Bath Kitten!

Turn a boring bath into a Hot Steamy Tub for Two with, Booty Parlor’s New Bath Kitten; Purring Massage Mitt and Bath Milk. The terrycloth mitt vibrates while you cleanse with the aphrodisiac inspired Naughty Bubbles Bath Milk. Spice things up, & get Frisky in the Tub!

Like what you See!?!

Become a Bootician in June and Get the New Bath Kitten FREE!

Contact me to Learn more or Book your Party at

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Coming Fall 09' Booty Parlor's Bath Kitten

Let Booty Parlor Re Vamp your Sexy Lifestyle with a  Sexy Mojo Makeover!!

Take the quiz and find  your Sexy Experience!!

Now,  Want to Earn Your Experience  Either Free or Half Price?!! You can!!

Book a Girls Night with me and earn Free and 1/2 Priced items!!

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BPmojoQuiz_Page_1.jpg Booty Parlor's Mojo Makeover Test!! picture by giggles-pe

Mojo Makeover Quiz.